Center for the Conservation and Eco-Development
of Samaná Bay and its Surroundings

We are a different kind of organization, composed of people dedicated to the environment and united in the purpose of demonstrating that development and conservation of natural resources can be realized without sacrificing one for the other. We carry out this work together with the communities of the Samaná Bay area.

People like you and me, promoting an appreciation of the environment...

The Center for the Conservation of Samaná Bay and its Surroundings is a Dominican nonprofit organization, incorporated by decree 79-91 on February 28, 1991.

Our mission is "The conservation and sustainable use of the natural and cultural resources of Samaná Bay and the natural areas which surround it, with the active participation of its communities".

We believe that conservation and development in the Dominican Republic must go hand in hand. This of necessity requires a thorough integration and coordination of the communities, the private sector, and government institutions involved in the process of decision-making, planning, and execution of activities.

Our work area includes the Province and Bay of Samaná, the region of Los Haitises, and the coastal plain of Sabana de la Mar and Miches, in the northeast of the island (see map). We call this area the region of Samaná and we actively promote its designation as a biosphere reserve, the ideal management system to assure development and conservation.

People with ambitious goals...

We have been working in the Samaná region since 1992 and have developed with the communities a strategy to achieve conservation and sustainable development within the area of the proposed biosphere reserve. This transformation we hope to achieve is a long-term goal. In order to help us realize this goal we are currently implementing the following integrated programs:

  • Community Participation and Environmental Education. Within this program we carry out activities that involve and strengthen the community sectors, important to the sustainable management of natural and cultural resources. We provide information, and develop local capabilities so that communities can manage their resources consistent with the ideal of sustainable development. We place emphasis on the formation of community groups, the training of school teachers and the provision of student internships.
  • Sustainable Development. The objective of this program is to design and implement, in collaboration with the local people, integrated strategies which balance economic development with resource conservation. We work with communities to create and promote models of production and services that generate benefits while minimizing negative impact. Ecotourism, fisheries, and agriculture are the sectors in which we focus.
  • Conservation of Biodiversity. In order to better understand and protect ecosystems and species in danger of extinction, or critical to development, we implement research activities within this program focused specifically on marine-coastal resources and native flora.
  • Inter-institutional Coordination and Support. Through this program we coordinate and execute activities with local and foreign institutions, groups, or individuals. We emphasis collaboration with governmental entities, develop cooperative agreements, lobby and support international conventions.

Join us in the conservation of Samaná Bay and its surroundings.

As a non-profit organization, we require the financial support of individuals and organizations in order to carry out this important work. If you wish to help us to sustainably conserve and develop this uniquely beautiful area of the Caribbean, please send us your contribution!

The Region of Samaná is a paradise of natural and cultural wonders, but there is also a great deal of poverty and pressure to exploit these resources. Help us to improve the quality of life for those that call Samaná their home by developing economic alternatives, compatible with the environment. As a US$100.00 financial supporter of our work you will receive:

  • a certificate which accredits you as an individual or institutional contributor.
  • A free sample publication printed by CEBSE.
  • A free T-shirt with a silk-screened humpback whale design.

For more information on sustainable tourism and activities
as well as ordenance maps contact CEBSE at:

In Santo Domingo:

Calle Antera Mota #4
Mirador Norte, Apdo 224227
Santo Domingo
República Dominicana

Tel: +1 (809) 482-6133
Fax: +1 (809) 482-6268

In Samaná:

Av. Malecón # 1
Tiro al Blanco
Apdo 243, Samaná
República Dominicana

Tel: +1 (809) 538-2042
Fax: +1 (809) 538-2792

Contact: Patricia Lamelas

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