Samaná Peninsula and Bay - Los Haitises National Park

Click here to see a bigger image As part of the largest estuary in the insular Caribbean, the 208 km2 Los Haitises National Park is a protected area in the northeast of the country (see map), which offers the visitor a rich variety of natural wonders to explore, including: large expanses of mangrove, humid subtropical forest, seagrass beds, and pristine keys scattered along the length of the coast.

The irregular topography of small, vegetation covered hills so characteristic of Los Haitises is the result of erosion subsequent to uplifting of the underlying limestone bedrock, formed over millions of years by marine organisms.

Click here to see a bigger image Guided tours of the park leave from Sabana de la Mar on the south coast of Samaná Bay, and from the community of Samaná on the north coast.

These organized excursions, carried out by trained nature guides, give you the opportunity to view the rich diversity of animal life, as well as visit the many keys and fascinating caves found in the park. Some of these caves contain pictographs (drawings) and petroglyphs (rock carvings) left by the Amerindians who once inhabited this unique area.

Group or private excursions require prior authorization from the National Directorate of Parks (DNP).

For more information about Los Haitises National Park or excursions to the park, please contact:

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